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Visual, refractive and aberrometric outcomes provided by a new IOL composed by a continuous and higher-order aspheric surface: clinical characterization and comparison with monofocal lenses

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First Author: A.Martinez-Abad SPAIN

Co Author(s):    K. Mena   P. Yebana   J. Alió              

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the visual, refractive and aberrometric state in patients implanted with a continuous and higher-order aspheric surfaced IOL designed to enhance near and intermediate vision, likewise to compare these data with the preoperative state and with a control group conformed by monofocal lenses.


1. Vissum Innovation, Alicante, Spain 2. Division of Ophthalmology, Miguel Hernandez University, Alicante, Spain


Prospective longitudinal study composed by patients implanted with the innovative intraocular lens Tecnis Eyhance ICB00 (Johnson & Johnson, UUSS) due to presence of cataract or desire to eliminate spectacle correction. Patients were undergone to a complete optometric and ophthalmologic examination before and after the surgery, including NAVQ-10 questionnaire. Optical characterization and comparisons with the preoperative state and with a control group composed by monofocal lenses (SA60AT, Alcon) was performed. Normality data distribution was checked by KolmogorovSmirnov test, statistical comparisons pre vs. post Eyhance were evaluated with paired tStudent test and Eyhance vs. SA60AT with independent t-Student test.


The study included 48 eyes of which 20 eyes were implanted with Eyhance and 28 with SA60AT. Under corrected near visual acuity provided by Eyhance was significantly better than preoperative state (0.62±0.25 vs. 0.50±0.08, p<0.001) and than monofocal IOL (0.62±0.25 vs. 0.28±0.09, p:0.002). Moreover, addition was significantly lower in Eyhance than monofocal (1.62±0.65D vs. 2.50±0.40D, p:0.004). Visual quality parameters shown a mean contrast sensitivity of 1.68±0.06 (logMAR) and high order aberrations of 0.31±0.11m (coma: 0.15±0.11m, trefoil: 0.16±0.1m and spherical aberration 0.01±0.09m) with Eyhance IOL.


The new intraocular lens composed by a continuous and higher-order aspheric surface, Tecnis Eyhance ICB00, provides very good quality of vision and better near vision than monofocal lenses.

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