Booth Space Reservation

The ESCRS Virtual Exhibition will take place over three days, from Friday 2nd October to Sunday 4th October 2020. Booth space can be reserved by creating an Exhibitor Account on the 2020 Virtual Exhibition Exhibitor Resource Centre (ERC) via the link below and completing the online registration process. All exhibitors who signed up for the Amsterdam 2020 live event may use their existing account and previous sign-in details to register for the Virtual Exhibition 2020. All queries shall be directed to ESCRS exhibition department.

The sponsorship cost varies and reflects the chosen level of the virtual exhibitor package. The preference of the package type should be indicated during the booth registration process. A range of optional add-ons and promotional opportunities are also be available to order

50 Bonus Priority Points will be awarded if booking and payment is completed by August 3rd 2020. Booking will however remain open past this date.An email confirmation including payment information will automatically issue when booking is completed.

All bookings must be submitted via the 2020 Virtual Exhibition ERC, verbal or written applications will not be accepted. Companies with outstanding balances from previous meetings must clear all amounts due before the Virtual Exhibition application can be processed.

Once space is reserved you will have entered into a contract with ESCRS. Please note all cancellation policies carefully. Registration for the sponsorship packages at the ESCRS 2020 Virtual Exhibition in now open. Please see below: *All registered and currently still active exhibitor accounts for Amsterdam 2020 event will have access to the 2020 ESCRS Virtual Exhibition ERC with the same log-in details.

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Payment Information

The virtual booth space cost depends of the chosen exhibition package. These packages include various virtual sponsorship tools. Optional add-ons and promotional opportunities can be purchased at an additional cost via the Virtual Exhibitor Resource Centre (ERC). Payment may be submitted via wire transfer or credit card. Please note that credit card details must be submitted to complete the booking process, regardless of which payment method will be used.

Cancellation Policy

Notification of cancellation of booth space must be submitted to the ESCRS Exhibition Department in writing and will only be deemed accepted once written acknowledgement has been confirmed. Upon cancellation of booth space all associated services will be withdrawn, including exhibitor badges and virtual meeting rooms.

A 100% cancellation fee will apply upon the submission of the booking, regardless of whether payment has been submitted or not.

In the event that outstanding cancellation balances are not submitted within 30 days, these will be charged to the credit card registered to the ERC account. This also applies to all optional add-ons and exhibition related services ordered.

Force Majeure

In the case of war, terrorism, immobilisation, strike, lockout, fire, regulations of the authorities or other circumstances beyond the control of the Organiser, which might render it impossible or difficult to carry through an arrangement, the Organiser shall be entitled to remove in whole or in part the arrangement to another time or to cancel the agreement and the Organiser shall not be liable to pay compensation to the exhibitor or be bound to reimburse the rental paid.

Allocation of Space

Exhibition space will be assigned in August 2020 – depending of the date of registration and processed payments. The confirmation of booth space URL and positioning will be issued by email. Please note that requests for placement near or away from other exhibiting companies may limit booth space positioning. Booth space allocations and further details will be issued when the full booth space payment has been received.