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Payment Spoof Warning

Please note that ESCRS does not process payments through western union or any quick cash collection service. If you receive any notice of such requests please contact the escrs.

Booth Space Reservation

Applications for exhibition space must be completed online by creating an exhibitor account on the Amsterdam Exhibitor Resource Centre (AERC).

Please log on to the ERC here*You will need to create an Exhibitor Account to reserve space. No reservations can be taken by fax or email.

(* New account required for each meeting!)

Once space is reserved you will have entered into a contract with ESCRS. Please note all cancellation policies carefully.

Shell schemes, furniture, fittings and other extras will be available to hire at additional cost, and must be ordered on-line through the ERC, details of which will be sent to you on receipt of full booth space payment. Bookings without credit card details will not be accepted. Companies wishing to have adjacent or shared space must submit their requests on the official online exhibition reservation form.

The minimum booth space reservation is 6sqm unless prior written agreement has been made with the Organisers.

book here

Exhibition Rates:

Booth Space rental includes:
1. Space only
2. Company and Product Listing on the ESCRS website
3. One Priority Point per €1000 spent on booth space rental


Payment Information:

Booth space rental per square metre in the exhibition area is €700 and this covers the cost of booth space only. Optional extras will be available to order on-line from June 2013.

Cancellation / Refund Policy 

Notification of cancellation of exhibition space must be received in writing by the Organiser on or before 31 March 2013.

If notification of a cancellation is received prior to 31 March 2013 and booth space has been paid in full, a refund of 50% of the total cost of the booth space will be issued.

If notification of a cancellation of booth space is received after 31 March 2013 and the booth space has been paid in full then no refund of any amount will be issued.

If notification of a cancellation of booth space is received after 31 March 2013 and only the deposit payment has been received, the remaining 75% of the cost of the booth space will be due for payment.

In the event that no deposit has been paid and cancellation occurs after 31 March 2013, then 100% of the cost of the booth space will be due for payment.

This cancellation policy also applies in the event of part cancellation or reduction of booth space.

Applications for Exhibition Space

Applications for exhibition space must be made online by creating an Exhibitor Account on the Amsterdam exhibitor resource centre (AERC). Applications will not be processed unless a valid credit card has been registered to the account (the card is not charged automatically as all payments may also be completed by bank transfer). A 25% deposit must be received by the ESCRS office within 1 week of the booth space booking being completed.

Full booth space payment is due by 31 March 2013. Please note that booth space can be reallocated after this time unless payment is received in full.

Please also note that outstanding invoices from previous congresses must be settled in full before booth space reservations can be processed.

The minimum amount of space which can be reserved is 6sqm unless prior agreement is made with the organisers.

Allocation of Space

Exhibition space will be allocated in May 2013. Booth space locations will be assigned according to Priority Points accrued by exhibiting companies during 2012. Please note that requests for placement away from or close to other exhibiting companies may limit booth positioning.

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