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Construction of a low cost remote controlled slit lamp (R/C S/L) prototype model in order to examine distant located patients

Session Details

Session Title: Special Cases

Session Date/Time: Friday 14/02/2014 | 08:30-10:00

Paper Time: 09:44

Venue: Kosovel Hall (Level -2)

First Author: : IordanisChatziangelidis GREECE

Co Author(s): :    Georgios Kontadakis   Ioannis Chalkiadakis   Artemios Kandarakis        

Abstract Details


To construct a low cost remote controlled slit lamp prototype model , which permits tele-examination of patients located far away from the hospital


Ophthalmiatreion Athens Eye Hospital , Athens , Greece


We constructed this system , using a Zeiss Slit lamp ( Zeiss® SL30/M), on which is attached a 3 axis microsteeping motor system controlling left/right , focus and slit angulation (Advanced Microsystem®) and a bidirectional sound and video streaming system (Apple FaceTime HD). The examiner has control over the slit lamp orientation and focus , via the internet ,with the use of a Logitech controller .The remote controlled slit lamp has been tested in our Hospital , and controlled remotely by an ophthalmologist through his computer within the local network. For testing purposes random patients from the emergency department were examined both by the ophthalmologist in service with the slit lamp of the emergencies room , as well by an ophthalmologist with the use of the R/C S/L, in order to identify that both images obtained were similar and could lead to diagnosis .The authors have no financial interest in the materials and methods described.


In the current phase of construction , remote slit lamp examination of eyelids , conjunctiva , cornea , anterior chamber , lens , and after installation of midriatics , fundus examination is possible.


Remote controlled slit lamp teleexamination is possible , and can provide specialized eye care services to rural areas population , decreasing commuting and financial burden. FINANCIAL INTEREST: NONE