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Study on imaging quality through Nd:YAG laser damaged multifocal lenses

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Session Details

Session Title: Cataract Surgery Practice Styles/PCO

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 10/10/2017 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 15:28

Venue: Room 4.4

First Author: : Y.Sun CHINA

Co Author(s): :    Y. Hao   J. Xie                 

Abstract Details


To study the imaging quality through multifocal lenses which are injured by Nd:YAG laser.


Department of Ophthalmology, Peking University Third Hospital


We established a model of Nd:YAG laser damaged intraocular lens (IOL), and testing the damaging threshold of the laser power on different surfaces of the material plate. We use laser power above this threshold to shoot the multifocal lenses surfaces on the circle of 3mm diameter and 1mm diameter individually to make spots injuries on Multifocal IOLs. The IOLs were put into the human eye models to test Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), Line Spread Function (LSF) and United States Air Force(USAF) test target images.


Statistical differences of the damaging laser power threshold were found between the anterior surface (0.789±0.153 mJ), inside the material (0.322±0.048 mJ) and the posterior surface (0.403±0.084mJ)of the material plate. The spots injured IOLs were tested under the pupils’ diameter of 2mm, 3mm and 4.5mm individually, however, the MTF, LSF and the USAF target images showed no difference before and after the injuries.


Lower energy was needed to make laser injury on an IOL when the laser beam was focused on the intermediate position of the material, higher energy was needed when focused on anterior surface of the IOL. In vitro, spots injuries of IOL didn’t affect MTF, LSF and USAF imaging under different pupils’ diameter.

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