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Three-year results from the CyCLE study for supraciliary micro-stent implantation combined with cataract surgery for open-angle glaucoma

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Session Title: Glaucoma

Session Date/Time: Monday 09/10/2017 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 09:30

Venue: Room 4.1

First Author: : H.Höh GERMANY

Co Author(s): :    R. Scott                    

Abstract Details


To evaluate the efficacy and safety of supraciliary micro-stent implantation in conjunction with cataract surgery, including medication usage at 3-year follow up.


CyCLE was a multicenter open-label registry including 12 investigational sites from Germany, Spain, Poland, and Bulgaria.


Registry with both retrospective and prospective enrollment of subjects with glaucoma who underwent implantation with a supraciliary micro-stent. Of 470 subjects, 245 had a combined procedure with cataract surgery. These subjects were divided into cohorts of uncontrolled baseline (BL) intraocular pressure (IOP; ≥21 mm Hg, Cohort 1, N=93) or controlled BL IOP (<21 mm Hg, Cohort 2, N=152). Investigators implanted the micro-stent (CyPass Micro-Stent, Alcon, Inc., Fort Worth, TX) into the supraciliary space through the phaco incision following standard small-incision cataract surgery.


Mean medicated IOP went from 25.3 mm Hg at BL to 17.2 mm Hg at Month (M) 36 in Cohort 1 and was maintained from BL to M36 in Cohort 2. In Cohort 1, the proportion of subjects that used no medications went from 8% at BL to 19% at M36. In Cohort 2, 3% used no medications at BL compared to 45% at M36. The percentage of subjects on 3 or more medications went from 37% at BL to 23% at M36 for Cohort 1 and 32% at BL to 15% at M36 for Cohort 2.


At 3 years, subgroups with controlled and uncontrolled IOP at BL had a higher proportion of subjects using no medications and a lower proportion of subjects using 3 or more medications compared to BL. At 3 years, mean medicated IOP decreased by 8.1 mm Hg in subjects with uncontrolled IOP at BL.

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