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Are there any detectable microstriae after myopic ReLEx SMILE surgery?

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First Author: W.Sekundo GERMANY

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In ReLEx smile surgery a considerable peace of tissue is removed from within the cornea through a small incision. Theoretically, some compression striae could develop in the overlaying cup due to newly created space under the cup.


: Department of Ophthalmology, Philipps University of Marburg, Germany.


30 eyes of 18 patients after an uneventful routine ReLEx smile surgery for myopia and myopic astigmatism were enrolled. All corneas underwent a thorough slit lamp examination at the 1st, 4th day after surgery and at the 2 months follow-up. OCTscan study was performed on this last regular follow-up visit. Several scans were obtained in the centre and at the periphery of the femtosecond-resection induced area.


The mean spherical equivalent of the eyes treated was -6.75 D. No striae were detectable with any methods used. Interestingly, one patient who had ReLEx smile in one eye and ReLEx flex in the fellow eye showed microstriae in the fellow flap-based (FLEx) eye, but not in the SMILE eye.


In contrast to the expectation based on pure mechanical approach ReLEx smile does not induce any microstriae in the cap. We speculate that our results confirm the idea of a better stability of post SMILE cornea due to preservation of peripheral corneal fibres.

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