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LASIK flap creation with the three-dimensional, transportable Ziemer FEMTO LDV model Z6 I femtosecond laser

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First Author: J.Pietil FINLAND

Co Author(s):    A. Huhtala   P. M   K. Salmenhaara   H. Uusitalo     

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To present the outcomes of LASIK operations performed with the new three-dimensional, transportable FEMTO LDV Z6 I femtosecond laser (Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems, Port, Switzerland) and the Allegretto Wave Concerto 500 Hz excimer laser (Wavelight AG, Erlangen, Germany) in terms of accuracy, reproducibility, and safety of the operation.


: Eye Clinic, Mehiläinen Hospitals in Tampere and Helsinki, Finland.


A FEMTO LDV Z6 I was used for flap creation in 309 eyes of 160 patients. The target flap thickness was 90 µm. The size of the suction ring varied from 9.5 to 10.0 mm and the target flap diameter from 9.3 to 9.6 mm, respectively. The target hinge length was 4.0 mm. Flap dimensions were measured and correlated to preoperative characteristics.


The FEMTO LDV Z6 I produced flaps very constantly (mean 90.1±2.7 µm, range 78-100 µm). Mean flap diameter with the 9.3-mm target flap diameter was 9.3±0.1 mm (range 9.0-9.6 mm) and with the 9.6-mm target flap diameter 9.6±0.1 mm (range 9.0-9.8 mm). Mean hinge length was 3.9±0.1 mm (range 3.3-4.2 mm). Flap thickness correlated negatively with flap diameter in myopic eyes treated with the metallic 10.0-mm suction ring. Flap diameter correlated negatively with spherical equivalent refraction and preoperative corneal thickness in myopic eyes treated with the 10.0-mm suction ring. Furthermore, in myopic eyes operated with the plastic 9.5-mm suction ring or the metallic 10.0-mm suction ring, flap diameter correlated positively with K1 keratometric power and hinge length. Minor complications were reported in 15 (4.9%) eyes and none of them prevented further refractive laser treatment. The most common complications were bubbles in the conjunctiva (n=7, 2.3%) and opaque bubble layer inside the flap margin (n=6, 1.9%). There were no changes in Snellen lines of corrected distance visual acuity in 144 eyes (47.2%). One Snellen line was lost in five eyes (1.6%), and one Snellen line was gained in 156 eyes (51.2%).


The FEMTO LDV Z6 I yielded accurate and reproducible flaps with the 90-µm target flap thickness. In hands of an experienced surgeon, the transition from the Classic FEMTO LDV to the LDV Z6 I was a safe and straight forward process. The LDV Z6 I was easily mobile and transportable, and induced reproducible flaps in two clinics.

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