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Mitomycin C in management of LASIK Bowman strip

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Co Author(s):    M. Bohac   E. Potkonjak   N. Gabric        

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To evaluate postoperative visual acuity, degree of haze and scaring, quality of vision and the time of recovery in eyes with LASIK Bowman strip where Mitomycin C (MMC) was and was not applied.


: Refractive Surgery Unit, Eye Clinic “Svjetlost” Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina.


In 4 eyes with LASIK Bowman strip (MMC group), we applied 0.2mg/ml of Mitomycin C on the strip and the surrounding corneal stroma for 20 seconds before flap repositioning, while in the other 5 eyes (non MMC group) the flap was repositioned without the Mitomycin C. Recovery of postoperative visual acuity, degree of corneal haze and scaring, time of recovery and quality of vision were followed in both groups for 3 months.


In the MMC group, visual acuity fully recovered 1 month postoperatively, while in the non MMC group visual acuity was only partially recovered after three months. Significant corneal haze and scaring were seen in the non MMC group 3 months after surgery, while in the MMC group there was no haze and corneal scaring along the strip line one month postoperatively. All patients in the non MMC group complained of poor visual quality, especially during the night time, while there was no such complaints in the MMC group. Time of recovery in the MMC group was from two weeks to one month, while in the non MMC group it was longer than 3 months.


Mitomycin C (MMC) is safe and effective in the treatment of the LASIK Bowman strip. Total time of recovery was more than three times faster in the MMC group, while in the same time there was no MMC induced complication to the corneal tissue and limbal cells.

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