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Atypical kind of accommodative spasm

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First Author: S.Katarzyna POLAND

Co Author(s):                  

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The aim of the study is to exemplify one clinical setting in which atypical kind of accommodative spasm was presented.


: Sudden eyeball movement disorders are often of organic ground (injury, ischemia, demyelization). In some cases the etiology cannot be determined unambiguous.


A 52-year-old patient with myopia reported due to diplopia hindering her work at close. . Similar ailments occurred in that patient 4 years ago, which was associated then with too strong and wrongly positioned progressive contact lenses.


A horizontal eye movement disorder has been diagnosed. It consisted in bilateral abduction difficulty, accompanied by convergence spasm of varying intensity, which resulted in convergent squint


This patient has been presented because of non-typicalness of symptoms and huge difficulties in diagnosis.

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