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The use of a novel device for removal of the epithelium in surface ablation procedures

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First Author: J.Guell SPAIN

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We report on a clinical study to evaluate a non-metallic device that is designed to remove the corneal epithelium cells in a non-traumatic way in preparation for surface ablation procedures.


: Instituto Microcirugia Ocular of Barcelona


This study was an open-label, prospective clinical study that enrolled 25 patients scheduled to undergo a photorefractive keratectomy procedure at our clinic. One eye underwent a standard PRK procedure, removing cells with a standard regimen. The second eye underwent a PRK procedure with the epithelium being removed using the Epi-clear device (ORCA SURGICAL Ltd., Rishon Le Zion, Israel). The EPI-CLEAR device is a “golf-like” metal spud, which has a plastic side that is designed to remove and capture the epithelium cells without scratching or traumatizing the cornea. In the study, the eyes were evaluated during surgery for speed, debris & epithelium cells remaining, user friendliness and corneal trauma. Postoperatively, patients were evaluated to pain, haze, speed of visual recovery and visual acuity out to three months.


The initial clinical experience shows that eyes where they Epi-clear device underwent re-epithelialization more quickly, had less haze and a quicker recovery of vision compared to the standard PRK procedure. From an ease-of-use perspective, the device was straightforward to use with a short learning curve.


This new device offers a reproducible, effective method for removal of the corneal epithelium prior to surface ablation procedures. More importantly, it appears to provide patients with quicker recovery following surgery.

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