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Accelerated cross-linking for the treatment of myopia: a report of a pilot case series

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First Author: U.Celik TURKEY

Co Author(s):    D. Muller   O. Yilmaz           

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CXL is used currently for the treatment and stabilization of corneas which have been compromised by keratoconus and post-refractive ectasia. This treatment is associated with increasing the strength and stiffness of the treated areas. In this study, we evaluate the potential use of CXL for rthe reduction of myopia in non-pathologic corneas.


: Cornea and refractive surgery subspecialty practice. Prospective, pilot interventional case series.


This single center study was performed at Beyoglu Eye Research and Training Hospital, Turkey. Four eyes of 4 patients (3M, 1F, 22 to 36 years old) were involved. In July 2012, patients received accelerated CXL in one eye for the treatment of myopia. Paracel (Avedro, Inc.), trans-epithelial riboflavin solution, was first applied for a ten minute pre-soak. Then the KXL -II cross linking system with active eye tracking.(AVEDRO, INC)was used to irradiate the central 3-mm of the cornea. Patients were followed up for 3 months.Main outcome measurements were mean K values, central K values and endothelial cell count.


At the 3 month follow-up visit, the treated eyes exhibited consistent central flattening on corneal topographies. None of the eyes experienced one or more line of loss in best corrected visual acuity at the last exam. Endothelial cell loss was not seen in any patients.and there were no significant side effects associated accelerated CXL procedures.


Selective area accelerated CXL appears to be a promising modality for the non-incisional, tissue sparing treatment of low degrees myopia and astigmatism The results of this pilot series suggests that evaluation of a larger study cohort is warranted.

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