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BFS is not the only way to study the posterior surface

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First Author: C.Arce BRAZIL

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To show that further than BFS elevation maps, the posterior surface of the cornea may be studied by the posterior curvature and BFTA maps as well as understanding indices of bulging and/or asymmetry.


: Private Eye Clinic.


Dual Scheimpflug and Placido analyzer of anterior segment of the eye was used to study corneas with apparent normal anterior curvature. Posterior axial and instantaneous maps, BFS and BFTA elevation maps, squared eccentricity (E2), KMax, maximum BFS and Kraneman-Arce (K-A) index were assessed in corneas with symmetric and asymmetric with and against the rule astigmatism.


Posterior curvature maps seem more sensitive to show initial signs of ectasia than BFS elevation maps. BFTA elevation maps serve to understand the symmetry and asymmetry of surface. High E2 is frequent in hyperprolate and multifocal surfaces while the K-A index shows the amount of asymmetry in the surface.


The study of the posterior surface by BFS elevation maps may be insufficient to understand it and may lead to missing the initial cases of ectasia and/or asymmetry.

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