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A study of examinations after birth to 2 years in one person and to prevent blindness in global level

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First Author: M.Zeinolabedin Moshref IRAN

Co Author(s):    H. Zeinolabedin Moshref   H. Moshref   F. Nader Tubeni        

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Sampling people after brith to 2 years in terms of congenital problems and following that.


: Moshref


According to this research , we studied 3860 children from after brith , to 3 months , in one years , and then in 2 years. In each of these examinations , we studied any one who has abnormal examination. Also, 4 factors were studied in them including ; 1)Congenital Cataract 2)Congenital Retinopathy 3)Congenital Golucoma , and 4) Congenital infections


According to study upon 3860 children , it shows the importance of sampling during 4 turns examination over first 2 years of their life. The importance level of sampling examination after brith and 3 months is more than 1 year and 2 years. As a result , it is recommanded to do 4 sampling examinations until 2 years respectively after birth, 3 months , 1 year , 2 years .


It is supposed to do sampling examinations untill 2 years as follows ; after birth , 3 months , 1 year , and 2 years. It is necessery to say these sampling examinations are so important in global level. Also , it prevents many permanent traumas in visual power of different people.

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