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Compare efficacy and safety of fibrin glue versus suture in pterygium surgery with limbal autografting

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First Author: S.Mukherjee INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Goel              

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To compare the efficiency and safety of fibrin glue to suture technique in pterygium surgery performed with limbal autograft


: Anand Hospital & Eye Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


A prospective randomised clinical trial was carried out in 52 eyes of 50 patients operated for primary nasal pterygium. Autologous conjunctival graft taken from the superotemporal limbus was used to cover the sclera after pterygium excision. In 26 eyes, the transplant was attached to the sclera with a fibrin tissue adhesive (TISSEL 2.0) as group A and in 26 eyes with 10-0 Vicryl silk sutures as group B.One patient underwent autograft with suture in one eye & fibrin glue in the other eye. Postoperative patient discomfort (pain, stinging, watering) were graded. Patients were followed up for six months.


Subconjunctival hemorrhage occured under the graft in one patient in group A. In seven cases of group B, sutures were removed at the 15th day because of granulomatous tissue reaction. Patient symptoms were significantly less were better in group A. Pterygium recurrence was seen in one case of group A, and 2 cases of group B. Surgery time was shorter (P<0.05) in fibrin group.


Using fibrin glue for graft fixation in pterygium surgery causes significantly less postoperative pain and shortens surgery time significantly

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