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Accidental perforation of the eyeball of a thirteen-year-old girl with the metal tip of the Wobbler hook

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First Author: E.Mrukwa-Kominek POLAND

Co Author(s):    L. Kulesza   E. Filipek           

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Eye injury is among the most frequent causes of vision loss in highly developed countries. Among pediatric patients the most frequent types of ocular trauma are eye contusions and intra- or extraocular foreign bodies. It has been estimated that among all types of ocular trauma penetrating eye injuries account for 20-50% of all injuries. Mechanical injuries of the eye may damage a variety of ocular tissues. The aim of this case study is presenting the treatment of 13-year-old girl, that was seen during the ophthalmology emergency duty with eyeball piercing with a wobbler hook.


: Department of Ophthalmology Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland


13-year-old girl was seen during the ophthalmology emergency duty with eyeball piercing with a wobbler hook. The patient sustained the injury during casting the fishing line by attendant. The paper describes OTS (Ocular Trauma Score) scale, which helps to establish chances for good visual recovery. In Department of Ophthalmology at Medical University of Silesia emergency surgery under general anaesthesia was performed.


The foreign body was removed manually after an incision of surrounding sclera. Though the intraocular part of foreign body was shaped as a harpoon, the chosen strategy seemed less traumatic than pars plana vitrectomy. The right eye distant visual acuity at discharge was 5/5.5 which was the result of timely diagnosis as well as appropriate management strategies.


The selection of appropriate surgical intervention based on accessory investigations as well as the shortest possible delay between injury and surgery are crucial to prognosis.

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