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First Author: T.Galecki POLAND

Co Author(s):    T. Ga?ecki   M. ?azicka Ga?ecka   J. Szaflik        

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To present two cases of Descemet’s membrane detachment occurred after viscocanaloplasty procedure in patients with open angle glaucoma operated in the Department of Ophthalmology Medical University of Warsaw.


: : Department of Ophthalmology Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland Head: prof. Jerzy Szaflik, MD, PhD


Total number of 2 patients (2 eyes) with medically uncontrolled open angle glaucoma and no history of surgery were enrolled to the study. Following parameters were evaluated: BVCA, IOP, size of lesion in two dimensions in the same meridian(ASOCT), parameter changes during follow- up period. Examination was performed on first postoperative day, one month and three months postoperatively


(1.case/2.case):Lesion dimension was (1,446mm/0,987mm); (1,377mm/0,908mm); (0,705mm/0,614mm) in vertical dimension and was (5,644mm/5,044mm); (5,406mm/4,872mm); (4,541mm/4,179mm) in meridian dimension one day, one month, three month respectively. The following changes in vertical and meridian dimension were observed respectively(-0,741mm/-0,373mm);(-1,103mm/-0,865mm). BCVA (0,8/1,0) was stable in follow-up period. IOP was stable in range (10-12mmHg/14-16mmHg)


The Descemet’s membrane detachment is self-limiting lesion which does not need any further surgical treatment. This complication does not influence vision acuity and has no impact on IOP

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