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Prognosticating hemophthalmos of diabetic genesis

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First Author: V.Choban UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    O. Rudkovskaya   I. Pasechnic   O. Yarovka        

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To establish factors conducive to the onset of hemophthalmos in patients with PDR


: Regional Clinical Hospital of Chernivtsi, Ukraine


27 persons with PDR were under our supervision (54 eyes). All the patients suffered from diabetes mellitus of type II, a severe form, subcompensated, insulin-dependent. The duration of diabetes was 14 -20 years. All the patients received insulin of domestic production. The age of the patients ranged from 54 to 71 years (the average age – 62,4±3.7 years), men – 11, women – 16. Concomitant diagnoses: ischemic heart disease (IHD), diffuse cardiosclerosis, heart failure (HF) II-III; chronic renal disease (CRD) II-III, diabetic nephrology. The patients were subdivided into 2 groups: group I – 14 patients (28) eyes with PDR without hemophthalmos; group II – 13 patients (26) eyes with PDR and unilateral new-onset hemophthalmos. The groups were comparable according to the age, gender, the duration of diabetes mellitus, the severity of concomitant pathology. An ophthalmologic examination of patients included: viso-perimetry, biomicroophthamoscopy, diurnal tonometry, an ultrasound examination of the eyes (B- technique). A traditional general clinical examination has been carried out, including the biometrical blood indices, a coagulogram, and consultations of a cardiologist, nephrologist and endocrinologist.


A statistically significant difference in the findings of a complex examination of groups I and II has been detected in the level of the intraocular pressure (IOP) on paired eyes without hemophthalmos and in the level of glucose. IOP was significantly lower in the second group of patients on the eyes with hemophthalmos than on paired eyes without hemophthalmos: 16.7 ±1.3 mm Hg versus 21.5 ±2.1.mm Hg, p 0,05. The level of glucose in the patients of the second group was essentially lower than in the first group: 4.1±1.7. mmol/ versus 10.2±2.4 mmol/l, p 0,05.


Hypoglycemia and hypotonia of the eye are the risk factors of the onset of hemophthalmos in PDR patients. Such patients require a correction of insulino–therapy (prophylaxis of hypoglycemic conditions) a timely performance of posterior vitrectomy, laser coagulation of the retina).

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