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Walter Baily and his work: 'a briefe treatise touching the preservation of the eie sight'

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First Author: G.Balanikas GREECE

Co Author(s):    N. Ziakas   S. Maloutas   O. Diavati   A. Alexandridis   P. Economidis  

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A presentation of the life of Walter Baily and his pioneering work 'A Briefe Treatise Touching the Preservation of the Eie-Sight'.


: A' Ophthalmologic clinic, Aristotle University, AHEPA Hospital, Thessaloniki


The first book devoted entirely to Ophthalmology and written in English was by Walter Baily 'A Briefe Treatise Touching the Preservation of the Eie-Sight'. This work was published in 1616, 24 years after the death of Walter Baily, with additions of his famous colleagues, Fernelius and Riolanus. In this work we use a facsimile of the 1616 edition. Walter Baily includes several observations extracted from his experience, but also based in the prevailing views and knowledge of his era. These are based on medieval medicine as expressed in the works of Rhazes, Avicenna and Arnaldus de Villanova.


Baily's work was pioneering for many reasons. It was the first work devoted entirely to ophthalmology, the first in English and also included the observations of the famous doctors of his era such as Jean Francois Fernel (Fernelius, 1497-1558) and Jean Riolan (Riolanus, 1577-1657).


Ophthalmology was one of the scientific fields where some inspired phycisians and surgeons were frontiers and gave a great step forward to the progress of medicine

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