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Jacques Guillemeau and his work 'Traite des maladies de l'oeil'

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First Author: G.Balanikas GREECE

Co Author(s):    N. Ziakas   S. Maloutas   A. Alexandridis   P. Economides     

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We present Jacques Guillemeau through his work 'Traite des Maladies de l'Oeil' and we try to depict the course of Ophthalmology during these period.


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As a source we used a prototype (French) and facsimile of the rare English original edition. It is remarkable the synthetic mind of the 16th century surgeons, combined with the existing knowledge and their experience in the newfangled medical specialty, Surgery. Besides, the work of Jacques Guillemeau is a part of the larger treatise 'Oeuvrers de Chirurgie'




The poetic thought of the pioneer physicians of the Renaissance and the combination of the existing knowledge and experience are the factors of the emergence of Surgery and Ophthalmology, especially, as new fields in the evolution of the Medical Science.

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