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Corneal collagen cross-linking and conjunctival peritomy for progressive Terrien

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First Author: J.Lamarca SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Lamarca   E. Bou   P. Martinez de Carneros   R. Barraquer     

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To present a case of 28- year-old patient with advanced Terrien´s marginal degeneration of cornea successfully treated with cross-linking associated with conjunctival peritomy.


: Barraquer Eye Hospital ( Barcelona,Spain )/ Centro de Oftalmologia Barraquer


The patient was admitted for consultation to the Barraquer Eye Hospital ( Barcelona,Spain ). Six years ago he was diagnosed of keratoconus in his right eye and has noted progressive sight loss. The patient presented on his right eye visual acuity of 0.05 ( without correction ) and best corrected visual acuity of 0.8. The correction was long-sightdness of / +3 Dsph and -14 D cyl ax 95/. In the examination we observed signs of Terrien´s marginal degeneration: peripheral superior thinning of the cornea ( between 10h and 1h ), the superior vascularization of cornea and conjunctival hyperemia. Our diagnosis was an advanced Terrien´s marginal degeneration of cornea. The corneal topography showed corneal central pachymetry of 504 microns and a SimK of 10.5 dioptries. Keeping in the mind the examination, the clinical sintoms and the progression of Terrien´s disease we decided to realize corneal collagen cross-linking and superior conjunctival peritomy.


Four years after realizing the procedure our patient presents a visual acuity of 0.35 ( without correction ) and best corrected visual acuity of 1.0 ( complete unit ). The correction at the moment is / -3.50 D cyl ax 100 / without any dioptries of the sphere. The corneal topography is showing SimK of 3.7 dioptries.


Corneal cross-linking and conjunctival peritomy is a viable treatment option for progressive Terrien´s marginal degeneration. This treatment can detain the progression of the disease and can improve the appearance of the corneal curvature.

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