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Pterygium: which symptoms tend to trouble patients the most and lead to the decision for its surgical removal?

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First Author: V.Konidaris GREECE

Co Author(s):    E. Kanonidou   C. Kanonidou   L. Papazisis        

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Pterygium is a benign growth of conjunctival tissue frequently related to chronic sunlight exposure and hot and dry climate.Our purpose was to evaluate the predominant symptoms in patients with pterygium leading to its surgical removal decision.


: Department of Ophthalmology, General Hospital of Veria, Veria, Greece.


31 patients (19 male, 12 female), mean age 48.75 years old (SD 8.5), with primary pterygium and no other eye disease participated in the study. The predominant symptoms caused by the pterygium were assessed using a questionnaire.


The predominant symptoms associated with the pterygium were: discomfort / feeling of foreign body in 31 patients (100%), redness in 23 (74%), increased lacrimation in 17 (55%), aesthetic reasons in 12 (39%), visual disturbance (astigmatism / extension of the pterygium to the optical axis) 4 (13%). In one case, despite the absence of annoying symptoms, surgical removal was proposed, because of the atypical appearance of the pterygium. In younger patients, the predominant reasons for surgical removal were discontent over how pterygium affected external appearance and in older, lacrimation. In most patients, visual disturbance was not a significant cause although astigmatism in eyes with pterygium was 3.51D (SD 1.82) and in healthy eyes 0.95D (SD 0.78).


The predominant symptom in patients with pterygium is the foreign body sensation, while aesthetic reasons in younger and increased lacrimation in older patients lead to its surgical removal decision.

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