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Correlation of diabetes mellitus type 2 and dry eye syndrome with the duration of primary disease

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First Author: N.Burda ALBANIA

Co Author(s):    V. Mema   S. Zhugli   E. Mahmudi        

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The purpose of the study is to prescribe and analyze the correlation of Dry Eye with the duration of diabetes at Diabetes patients Type 2 at Polyclinic of Specialties ;Ophthalmology division Nr.2.


: Polyclinic of Specialties Nr.2, Ophthalmology Cabinet Tirana Albania


A total number of 95 patients diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Tip II, underwent ocular examinations. 50 male and 45 female, aged from 43-78 years old. History of disease duration of diabetes , age ,sex was obtained by reviewing the medical records and direct patient interview. Visual acuity with correction , slight lamp examination, tear meniscus at inferior lid margin, TBUT test , corneal sensitivity test , Schirmer test ,corneal dye with fluorosceini was performed. The patients complains like tearing, fotofobia , red eye, itching ,foreign body sensation, blurred vision was obtained.The duration of primary disease was recorded and divided in three groups of patients : 5 years, 5-10 years and more than 10 years of duration.


62 patients were diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome of varying degrees. 27 male/ 35 female. The diagnosis was made : two or more positive tests performed as mentioned above, and patients complains. 5 patients represent pinpoint corneal dye with fluorosceini , 9 positive to corneal cotton swab test , 45 positive to Schirmer test less than 10 mm, TBUT test less than 9 sec 32, positive tear meniscus 31 patients. 21 patients were diagnosed with DM Type 2 about 5 years duration, 36 with 5-10 years of duration,46 with more than 10 years duration of diabetes. At the group with 5 years of duration of DM was a low number of patients presenting very mild dry eye 11 patients , at group with 5-10 years of duration there was about 20 patients presenting mild and the group more than 10 years duration 31 patients was presenting severe Dry Eye Disease .


In our study the Dry Eye Syndrome showed to have a high correlation with Diabetes Mellitus Tip II ( about 56.9%). Prevalence and severity of Dry Eye was significantly higher at patients with longer duration of diabetes ( 46.9%)) and less higher at the patients with no longer duration of primary disease . Dry Eye seems to be an important contributing factor related to corneal abnormalities. Age and sex not seem to play any important role in this condition. Good glycemic control is important for prevention and control of dry eye syndrome. Keeping blood sugar levels as tightly controlled as possible is the first step in preventing and remedying dry eye .

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