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Pseudophakic monovision vs multifocal toric IOL in astigmatic patients

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First Author: K.Svidko UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    K. Tkachenko   V. Sardaryan   B. Medvedev        

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Modern cataract patients want to be free from spectacles after surgery. And especially it is complex to realize this wish in the case of astigmatism. Currently we have three options: pseudophakic monovision with toric IOL, implantation of the multifocal toric IOL and implantaion of the multifocal IOL with following Excimer laser surgery. What helps you choose a surgeon? We conducted a study to evaluate satisfaction and visual performance in cataract patients with whom we applied these three methods, show advantages and disadvantages of each method.


: International Medical Centre Oftalmika, Ukraine, Kharkiv.


In the study, we compared three groups: first group of 16 patients (32 eyes) with pseudophakic monovision (implanted IOL — AcrySof Toric IQ), second group of 15 patients (30 eyes) with a bilateral implantation of a toric multifocal IOL (implanted IOL — Restor Toric IQ), third group of 3 patients (6 eyes) with a bilateral implantation of a toric multifocal IOL with following laser correction). Corneal astigmatism was from 1,5 to 4,5 D in both groups. We evaluated all patients at a six month follow-up. We examine: near and distant uncorrected visual acuity, spectacle independence, contrast sensitivity, satisfaction of the patients.


In both groups, distant uncorrected visual acuity was near 20/30. 20/20 achieved 86% in the first group of patients, 83% of the patients in the second group and 100% patients in the third group. Near uncorrected visual acuity was more than 20/32 in all groups. Spectacle independence achieved 86% of patients in the first group, 88% in the second, 100% in the third. Residual astigmatism in all groups was from 0.25 to 0.75D. Contrast sensitivity was the highest in the monovision group, the lowest in the patients that had multifocal implantation + LASIK). Adaption period was shorter in monovision group. Price of the operation was less in the first group. Satisfaction was the highest in the monovision group (more in 15% in comparison with the first group, and in 7% in comparison with the third group).


Monovision with toric IOL is a good option to liberate from glasses our astigmatic patients. And what technology to choose should decide the surgeon in cooperation with the patient’s wish, expectation and possibility.

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