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The results after implantation of multifocal LentisM plus toric in the anisometropic, amblyopic eyes

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First Author: M.Rau GERMANY

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To evaluate the optical, functional outcomes and patients satisfaction after Implantation of asymmetric multifocal toric Lentis Mplus toric in the eyes with refractive,anisometropic, amblyopia


: eye clinic Cham, Janahof 2, 93413 Cham, Germany


In a retrospective case study from Mai 2010 until October 2012 we implanted after coaxial micro phacoemulsification trough 2,2 mm incision, LENTIS Mplus-toric in 10 eyes of 10 patients , The preoperative best corrected visual acuity are in the range of 0,3-0.6, the mean BCVA 0,45. The preoperative refraction was in the range +2,5-+4,75 the astigmatismus 1,75-4,5. We evaluated the postoperative uncorrected (UCVA), best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) for distance, distance corrected intermediate and near visual acuity. The follow up was three months after implantation. The quality of vision, glare, halos and the personal satisfaction of the patients was assessed with a validated questionnaire.


All patients archived preoperatively the best corrected visual acuity,4 patients gained 1 lines,2 patients 3 lines,the mean UCVA for distance was 0,53; 60 % patients we able to read without glasses the newspaper, and perform the activities of a daily live. 20% experienced glares and halos during driving in the night. 70% of the patient were completely satisfied, 20%satisfied, 10% not satisfied with the achieved results.


The multifocal Lentis M plus toric opens a new possibility of indication in amisometropic, amblyopic eyes .All patients achieved the preoperative best corrected visual acuity. The average best corrected visual acuity after the implantation of lentis Mplus toric increased. The satisfaction of the patients was high.

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