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Is there a relationship between distance and near acuity with multifocal IOLS?

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First Author: S.Patel UK

Co Author(s):    M. Rau              

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To determine the significance of any apparent association between distance and near acuity after uneventful cataract surgery in patients fitted with multifocal IOLs (MFIOLs).


: Augenclinic Cham, Germany.


Decimal uncorrected distance visual acuity (DUCVA) at 6m and decimal uncorrected near visual acuity (NUCVA) at 0.40m were measured using standard charts under constant normal ambient lighting in patients after unremarkable surgery cataract surgery. The patients were fitted with the following MFIOLs: i) Array (AMO), ii) MF4 (Zeiss), iii) Tecnis (AMO), iv) ReZoom (AMO) or v) MPlus (Lentis) or vi) Mix’n’Match (Array & MF4). Cluster analysis and linear regression was used to determine if there was any relationship between DUCVA and NUCVA.


Mean DUCVA, NUCVA were i) 0.72, 0.72 (n=80 ) ii) 0.63, 0.82 (n=80 ) iii) 0.92, 0.88 (n=80 ) iv) 0.78, 0.72 (n=80 ) v) 0.75, 0.70 (n=72 ) vi) 0.79, 0.72 (n=80 ). Cluster analysis revealed patients with Tecnis MFIOL demonstrated better DUCVA & NUCVA. Pooling results for the remaining MFIOLs correlation between mean DUCVA & mean NUCVA = -0.874 (p=0.027).


There was an inverse association between DUCVA & NUCVA. Higher post-op DUCVA was associated with lower NUCVA and vice versa. In this cohort of patients, Tecnis MFIOL lead to better levels of both DUCVA & NUCVA compared with the other MFIOLs.

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