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Phaco-irrigation flux and flared cannula

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First Author: A.Mart SPAIN

Co Author(s):    O. Mart   A. Mart           

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To meassure the irrigation flux of the regular 19g phacoemulsification cannula of the Alcon Legacy 20000; and the flared one.


: Hospital de l´Esperança - UAB - BARCELONA - SPAIN


The flux was meassured for the two cannulas holding the bottle at 1 meter height and allowing the Irrigation flux one minute period time. Each measurement was done 10 time for different divise.


With flared cannula the irrigation flux was 90 cc/m +/- 2 cc/m and for the regular 19G one was 70 cc/m +/- 2 cc/m. The main reason for this differense was that the sapace between cuff and flared cannula was bigger for this divise.


For the same bottle height, the flared cannula allows more fluid and that should produce a more stable anterior chamber and should permit greater aspirtation flux and consequently less surgery time. These cannula should be use in iridocrystalline retropulsion syndrome and in vitrectomized or high myopic eyes.

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