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Colvard pupillometer and rosenbaum-like pocket vision screen card for measuring pupil diameter

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First Author: A.Mart SPAIN

Co Author(s):    D. Nahra   O. Mart           

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To compare pupil size measurements using Colvard pupillometer and Rosenbaum-like pocket visión screen card


: Hospital de l´esperança - uab - barcelona - spain


140 consecutive patients scheduled for cataracta surgery with multifocal IOL implantation had their pupil size measurement aquired at the preoperative examination. We used both: Rosenbaum-like pocket visión screen card and the Colvard pupillometer to collect this data. Measurements were performed by the same clinicians in a windowless room and in two light conditions: scotopic (only Colvard measures) and high-mesopic (200 lux).


There was a strong association between readings with Colvard pupillometer and Rosenbaum-like pocket visión screen card (p<0.001). The agreement between the two methods (Colvard and Rosenbaum) calculated intraclass correlation coefficient was 0.902 (95% C:I: 0.843-0.940). There is a strong correlation of pupil size under scotopic conditions and high mesopìc conditions, both measured by the Colvard pupillometer (p<0.001 and r2 =0.581).


Rosenbaum-like pocket visión screen card allows measuremen of pupil diameter in light conditions. Results are comparable with those obtained using Colvard pupillometer

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