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First clinical results in cataract surgery using the LensAr femto cataract laser at the eye hospital bellevue in Kiel

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First Author: D.Holland GERMANY

Co Author(s):    M. P   T. Herbst   J. F   D. Uthoff     

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Cataract surgery using the Femto Laser technology aimes to be the next step in surgery concerning safety, predictability and efficacy. The LensAR Laser System™ integrates proprietary automated biometry, advanced ocular imaging and measurement technology, 3D-CSI™ (Confocal Structured Illumination) with an advanced ultra short pulse laser. This technique enables the system to perform corneal inzisions, limbal relaxing incisions, capsulorhexis and lens fragmentation. The authors report on the first results with the new Lensar Femto laser compared to standard cataract surgery with standard 2.4mm clear cornea insizion and manuel capsulorhexis.


: To report about the first 35 eyes treated with the LensAr Femto Laser at the eye hospital Bellevue in Kiel/Germany in the early learning curve.


In a prospective clinical trial the results of the first 35 cataract eyes treated with the LensAr Femto laser concerning the introperative performance are reported. Femoto Laser treatment was performed by one surgeon. Phakoemulsifikation was performed by two surgeons with the same phako system (Örtli, Switzerland).


In all eyes no intraoperative complicacitons induced by the laser occurred. The rhexis was complete, round and centered to the pupil as planed in all cases, The fragmentation was complete regarding the different planned pattern. The suction time for the The total phako time was in average below two seconds (Standard Phako in average 8 seconds).


The early results are promissing regarding the safety and efficacy of the new Femto Laser technique in the early learning curve using the LensAr plattform.

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