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The method of re-fixation of partially luxated IOL in Marfan

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First Author: I.Grabska-Liberek POLAND

Co Author(s):    P. Tesla   A. Jamrozy Witkowska   M. Kaminski        

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To show the technique of re-fixation of partially luxated IOL into vitreous cavity in Marfan’s syndrome.


: Case report.


Retrospective study of a case of Marfan's syndrome. The fixated IOL was partially dislocated (one hapten due to suture rapture) into vitreous cavity. The diagnosis process and operation technique is described.


The UBM was used to find the position of fixated hapten. Pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) 25G was performed to cut the vitreous and made the luxated hapten position through the corneal incision at limbus out of the eye. The 10.0 Prolene suture was placed. The needle was passed throughout the first corneal incision and opposite second incision. Then pointed at sulcus and passed out under the scleral flap.


The proper diagnosis is mandatory to choose the best operation technique. The minimal surgery to receive good results is the best one.

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