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Is eye padding necessary after uneventful phaco cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia

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First Author: H.Arzoallxhiu KOSOVO

Co Author(s):    N. Polloshka Arzoallxhiu   T. Samli   S. Samli   I. Jurik   H. Gashi  

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Our purpose is to evaluate if we could abandon the use of eye padding after uneventful phacoemulsification surgery under topical anesthesia.


: In this study we have included 76 patients undergone uneventful phacoemulsification cataract surgeries in American Vision Eye Center in Prizren, Kosovo


A prospective randomized study comprised of 76 consecutive patients was performed. Surgery included a temporal single-plane, 2.85 wide clear corneal incision under topical anesthesia with 0.5% tetracaine hydrochloride eye drops. The cataract extraction was performed with bimanual stop and chop endocapsular phacoemulsification technique, The clear corneal incision was enlarged to 3.2 mm and a foldable IOL was implanted. Instead of conventional eye padding patient were send home without any padding. Patient were required to be investigated for pain, foreign body sensation (FBS) and tearing by questionnaire, Corneal fluorescein staining was documented as well at the first day postoperatively.


In a total of 76 consecutive patients were enrolled. Mean age was 65,5 years old. twenty-two of 76 patient were diabetic. Six patient were padded and excluded after surgery due to chemosis 3 and mild conjuctival bleeding 3. All patient felt mild or no pain without padding at the first day after surgery.Only 370 (2.34%) patients experienced mild to moderate FBS. Only 1470 (20%) had mild corneal staining. However 1670 (22,8%) experienced mild to moderate tearing. Two cases were measured with elevated IOP. Mean follow-up time was 11+_ seven months, and no acute endophthalmitis has occurred.


Our conclusion is that it is feasible to let our patient go home without eye padding in uncomplicated phacoemulsification cases with IOL implantation under topical anesthesia

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