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Reasons for not implanting premium IOLs according to total corneal aberrations

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First Author: C.Arce BRAZIL

Co Author(s):                  

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To establish the relation among individual corneal HOAs and IOL optics to explain when Premium IOLs should not be implanted


: Private Eye Clinic


Dual Scheipflug and Placido anterior segment tomographer was used to assess the total corneal high order aberrations (HOAs). The available literature on the optics of Premium IOLs was reviewed


Aspheric IOLs with negative spherical aberration (SA) should not be implanted in eyes with negative total corneal SA like keratoconus and after hyperopic corneal surgery but seem better for eyes with normal prolate corneas or with myopic surgery because their positive total corneal SA. Toric IOL calculation using only anterior surface cylinder may fail when eyes have large vertical or horizontal total corneal coma or if it is oblique with regards to the astigmatic axis. Visual complaints seem to be enhanced when diffractive IOLs are implanted in eyes with large total corneal trefoil and quatrefoil


Matching HOAs of IOLs and respective total corneal HOAs shall help to avoid postoperative visual complaints.

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