Rules and Regulations

Exhibition Organiser

The Organiser is the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. The Exhibitor is the company that signs and submits the application for booth space. All communication regarding exhibition space must be channelled through the ESCRS and orders for exhibition space will only be accepted on the official exhibition reservation form.

Final Programme 

All Exhibitors will be listed in the Final Programmes, provided booth space has been reserved and paid for before the programme goes to print. The Organiser is not responsible for errors or omissions in the programmes. The Final Programmes will be distributed to all attendees at the Congress.

Alterations in the Regulations 

The Organiser reserves the right to alter the present regulations with immediate effect in the event that orders from the Authorities or other compelling reasons might make it necessary.

Alteration of Location and Size of Booths

The Organiser shall be entitled to alter the space rented by the Exhibitor and to undertake limitations of the rented area. Such limitations can only be made against a corresponding reduction of the booth rental but shall not render the Organiser liable to pay compensation.

Furthermore, the Organiser shall be entitled, within thirty days after the receipt of the signed application and deposit, without assigning any reason and without incurring liability to damage, to cancel the lease entered into against reimbursing any booth rental paid at the time of cancellation. Exhibitors are not permitted to sublet their booth or lend it to a third party in part or whole. Exhibitors may not exchange booths without the written consent of the Organiser.

Special Arrangements

Special arrangements, if any, between the Organiser and the Exhibitor which are not included in the agreement shall only be binding when accepted in writing by the Organiser.