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Quality of cataract surgery measured with the quality index Bellevue in 6 eye centers

Session Details

Session Title: Cataract I

Session Date/Time: Friday 03/02/2012 | 10:30-12:30

Paper Time: 11:40

Venue: Hall 1

First Author: : D.Haas GERMANY

Co Author(s): :    J. F              

Abstract Details


The quality index bellevue is developd in the eye-hospital bellevue in Kiel. The measurement of quality increased the quality since 2007. To find out how the index works at other eye-centers six different eye-centers around Germany collected data according to the quality index bellevue to find out, if in these centers alos a trend to increasing quality values will be found.


The data are collected in the networks of 6 operating eye-centers around germany. For the study the information is collected via paper. Paper forms were sent to a central station in Mannheim and then documentated with a self-made software.


The quality index bellevue is developed by the eye hospital bellevue in Kiel. The calculation of the index is exactly done in the way like it is done in Kiel since 2007 to habe comparability. RESULTS At the moment the results show a significant increasing quality at 4 centers. In the other centers there is a slight trend, but it is yet not significantly. The sutdy is still running. Results show differences in the quality between the eye-centers. There will be meetings in December 2011 with all participating surgeons, to duscuss the results and find out, where differences in procedures exist, that lead to different quality. The patient satisfaction is not significantly different betwenn the centers, but there are differences between the surgeons.


The quality index bellevue works at different eye centers. It is possible to mearure a quality and it seems to lead ton increase the output level. Further research will be done, to give all centers and all surgeons an internet platform to analyze an dto compare their data.

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