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Patient satisfaction after laser blended vision

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First Author: P.Brincker DENMARK

Co Author(s):                  

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To reveal how this new option for presbyopic laser treatment was accepted by the patients.


┼▓jenhospitalet Danmark, Denmark


420 consecutive patients were treated with a Zeiss Visumax FS-laser in combination with a MEL80 eximer laser. The patients suffered from presbyopia in combination with hypermetropia, myopia, and astigmatism. All treated patients are included in the study. The age range was from 42 years to 76 years, the range of ametropia was from +6.0 D to -6.5 D in combination with astigmatism up to 3.5 D. The laser blended vision-system increases the depth field on both eyes and induces -1.5 D on the non-dominant eye.


Half an hour after surgery, 94 percent of the patients were able to read N4 1/4. Two days after surgery, the patients were able to read N4 1/4 and had 20/20 vision. Three weeks after surgery, all patients had visual acuity better than 20/30 vision and were able to read better than N8. Two percent of the patients were retreated back to ametropia because of discomfort from the different vision on the two eyes. However, due to the depth field they could still read a normal text. To achieve maximum concentration and comfort, 15 percent of the patients use glasses for driving at night, for concentrated reading and PC work. So far 85 percent of the patients do not use glasses at all, and 98 percent of the patients are satisfied with the result. More results will be revealed on the meeting in September.


Laser blended vision seems to be a very good alternative to glasses and contact lenses. The treatment is well tolerated by 98 percent of the patients and the patient satisfaction is high, even in the group where they still had a certain need for glasses. Based on our experience, we recommend all ametropia patients older than 42 years of age to have laser blended vision as treatment for ametropia. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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