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Supracor for presbyopia: special cases: amblyopia and previous refractive surgery

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First Author: J.Soler SPAIN

Co Author(s):    G. Fuentes P              

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Report short term clinical results after monocular SUPRACOR for presbyopia, in selected cases.


Private clinical practice at Barcelona, Spain.


Prospective, longitudinal case reports. Selection was based on inclusion criteria: Far best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) ? 0.4, near BCVA ?1.0, +1.0D to +3.0D mean refractive spherical equivalent MRSE, up to 1.0 D astigmatism, Km 42.0 - 45.0D, near addition (Add) ? +2.50D needed, and corneal topography compatible for LASIK procedure. Recorded variables included, monocular and binocular, uncorrected/ best corrected far and near visual acuities (UCVA, BCVA), spherical equivalent (SE), subjective refraction, addition (Add), mean topographic K (Km),astigmatism, and Q. SUPRACOR was performed as a standard LASIK surgery with the Technolas 217P Excimer Laser in the healthy eye. Data was reported as pre and postoperative mean and standard deviation (SD) using Excel database program.


Case 1: A 51-year old with a 12-year LASIK history in both eyes. Right eye (RE) far UCVA was 0.9, left eye (LE) far UCVA 0.8 (BCVA 1.0 with +1.00) and +2.00 Addition. After LE Supracor, results include: LE far UCVA 0.7; LE near UCVA 0.8, binocular far UCVA 1.0, binocular near UCVA 1.0, SE -0.625. Case 2: A 45-year old with RE amblyopia (BCVA 0.7 with +5.00-2.00x 40) and LE BCVA 1.0 (+2.50 -1.00x 140). After LE Supracor postoperative results were: far UCVA 0.9; near UCVA 1.0, binocular far UCVA 0.9; binocular near UCVA 1.0,SE -0.375. Case 3: A 59-year old with LE amblyopia (far BCVA 0.4 with +3.50 -4.0x25) and RE far BCVA 1.0 (with +1.00-0.25 x 5); near BCVA 1.0 for both eyes (+2.50 Add). After RE Supracor, postop results include: RE far UCVA 1.0, RE near UCVA 0.8, RE SE neutral, binocular far UCVA 1.0; binocular near UCVA 0.8. Case 4. A 49-year old with RE amblyopia (far BCVA 0.6 with +4.75-2.50 x 165; LE BCVA 1.0 (+2.25-0.50x 90) and near BCVA was 1.0 with Add +1.50 for both eyes. LE Supracor postop results were: LE far UCVA 1.0; near UCVA 1.0, SE -0.50.


Supracor for presbyopia improves near UCVA in the dominant eye, thus reducing dependence from reading glasses. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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