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Surgery of lens dislocation to vitreous chamber

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First Author: M.Gessa SPAIN

Co Author(s):    I. Relimpio   F. Espejo           

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Describe a clinical case of a women with lens dislocation to vitreous chamber by spontaneous rupture of posterior capsule of the lens


Clinical case


Woman who complains of a sore red right eye and 10 days of evolution. History of myopia and amblyopia of right eye. No history of trauma or surgery. BCVA: hand movements(-0.5 D) right eye; 0.6 (-7.5 D) left eye. Biomicroscopy: Anterior capsule intact, with folding and central opacity, attached to posterior capsule. Opacified posterior capsule in the central area with paracentral tear. Do not see the nucleus of the lens and are only remnants of cortex. Fundus:hipermature nucleus lens dislocation. Vitreous beam attached to it and to the periferal retina. Corioretinopathy myopic and posterior staphyloma. She was treated with topical prednisolone 1%, ciprofloxacin and ciclopentolate. At 48 hours appears hypopion. Intraocular pressure (IOP) within normal limits. Is performed pars plana vitrectomy with phacofragmantation and laser impacts on retinal periferal lesions and exchange air- SF 6 20% Initially we left traces of lens capsule to place the IOL on sulcus, but biometric was 0, so is decided to aphakic.


No surgery complicactions. BCVA right eye was 0.1(-0.5D) one month after surgery. IOP:17 mm Hg


The causes of rupture of the posterior capsule lens can be traumatic or spontaneous. We think that in this case the cause is hypermature cataract, in the absence of previous trauma and inflammation and large sclerosis dislocated lens. Although we observed posterior capsule opacification, we can not ensure the presence of posterior polar cataract. It is very important vitreoretinal surgery as soon as possible to avoid phacoanafylactic reaction and other complications (glaucoma, retinal detachment ...) FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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