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Visual simulation through different intraocular lenses in patients with prior myopic corneal ablation using adaptive optics: impact of tilt and decentration

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First Author: D.Madrid-Costa SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Ruiz Alcocer   C. P   T. Ferrer Blasco   R. Mont     

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To evaluate visual quality differences among intraocular lenses (IOLs) in patients with previous myopic laser ablations and to assess the impact of decentration and tilt of IOLs on visual quality


University of Valencia, Spain


In this in-vivo experimental study, an adaptive optics visual simulator was used to simulate the wavefront aberration’s pattern of one aberration-correcting IOL (AcrySof IQ SN60WF®), one aberration-free IOL (Akreos Adapt® AO) and one spherical IOL (Triplato®) in five situations: centered, 0.2 mm and 0.4 mm of decentration, 2° and 4° of tilt, in two groups: with simulated low and high myopic laser corneal ablations (group A and B, respectively). Monocular distance visual acuity (VA) at 100%, 50% and 10% of contrast were measured.


Ten eyes of ten patients were evaluated. When the IOLs were centered, the AcrySof IQ SN60WF® IOL provides the best visual quality results in both groups. When the IOLs were misaligned there was a decrease of visual quality for all simulated IOLs, except for the Akreos Adapt AO® IOL in group B. In the misaligned situations, all simulated IOLs obtained comparable visual quality results in both groups.


The results obtained in our study through AO simulation suggest that in patients with previous myopic laser corneal ablation, aberration-correcting IOLs should be implanted. The decrease in visual quality when these lenses are decentered or tilted demonstrates the crucial importance of an accurate implantation of these IOLs. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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