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Comparison of a new refractive multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) with an inferior segmental near add and a diffractive multifocal IOL

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First Author: R.Fernandez Buenaga SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Plaza Puche   J. Alio   J. Javaloy   M. Ayala     

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To compare the visual acuity outcomes and the ocular optical performance of eyes implanted with either a multifocal refractive IOL with an inferior segmental near add or a diffractive multifocal IOL


Vissum Corporation, Alicante, Universidad Miguel Hernįndez, Alicante, Spain.


83 consecutive eyes of 45 cataract patients (age range 36-82 years) were divided into two groups: group A, 45 eyes implanted with Lentis Mplus LS-312 (Oculentis); group B, 38 eyes implanted with diffractive IOL Acri.Lisa 366D (Zeiss). Distance corrected, intermediate and near with the distance correction visual acuity outcomes as well as contrast sensitivity, intraocular aberrations and the defocus curve were evaluated postoperatively during a 3-month follow-up.


Significantly better values of UNVA (p<0.01) and CDNVA (p<0.04) were found in group B. In the defocus curve, significantly better visual acuities were present in eyes from group A for intermediate vision levels of defocus (p?0.04). Significantly higher amounts of postoperative intraocular primary coma and spherical aberrations were found in group A (p<0.01). In addition, significantly better values were observed in photopic contrast sensitivity for high spatial frequencies in group A (p?0.04).


The Lentis Mplus LS-312 provided better intermediate vision and contrast sensitivity outcomes than the Acri.Lisa 366 D. The Acri.Lisa design provided better distance and near visual outcomes and intraocular optical performance parameters. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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