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Perfect vision acquirement for demanding aberropic patients following wavefront LASIK

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First Author: A.Abdou SPAIN

Co Author(s):    M. Ismail   G. Mahmoud   M. Abdelrahman        

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To evaluate the improvement of CVA in patients with an unexplained lack of CVA (aberropia) demanding perfect vision for their work, after treatment by Wavefront guided (WFG) LASIK.


Roayah Eye Centers, Assiut, Egypt


Prospective clinical study on 8 consecutive aberropic patients (14 eyes) with compound myopic astigmatism suffering from imperfect CVA (0.6 to 0.9 decimal acuity) were treated by WFG LASIK. Objective evaluation of the High-Order Aberrations (HOAs) using Hartmann-Shack aberrometer and subjective evaluation of the visual acuity and contrast sensitivity were done. Data was recorded for 1 year of follow-up.


All the patients gained higher postoperative UVA over the preoperative CVA (? 0.2 decimal acuity) with high degree of efficiency, stability for 1 year and satisfaction for professional work. Statistically significant difference between the postoperative total HOAs RMS mean (0.28 ± 0.18 ?m) and the preoperative total HOAs RMS mean (0.47 ± 0.22 ?m) was found (P<0.05, non parametric test). Highly significant improvement (P<0.001, non parametric test) of the postoperative UVA mean (-0.06 ± 0.03 LogMAR) in comparison to the preoperative CVA mean (0.10 ± 0.05 LogMAR) was achieved.


WFG LASIK is no more an elective refractive surgery for aberropic patients and should be considered as a therapeutic procedure for gaining higher VA with high visual quality, especially for professionals demanding perfect vision like drivers, engineers and many others. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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