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Binocularity dissociation in presbyopia: clinical significance when considering surgical options for presbyopia

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First Author: A.Hipsley USA

Co Author(s):    O. Rozanova   A. Shchuko   V. Malyshev        

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To reveal the role of binocularity dissociation in presbyopia with a review of procedures on the horizon that may enhance binocular interaction.


Single Center Experimental Study


A control group of visually Healthy Adults with a mean age 18.6± 0.4yrs ( N=32) were compared with a test group of Presbyopic Adults with a mean age 51.7± 6.5yrs (N=34).Characteristics of visual image in monocular and binocular conditions (at different distances), the borders of fusion field (in conditions of physiological diplopia simulation), ERG (according ISCEV), visual evoked potentials were investigated. Key Elements of preserving or restoring binocular interaction were considered along with a review of surgical solutions for restoring accommodation.


Fusion depression in slow convergence, narrowing of borders of fusion field width on the average by 44-48 percents, decrease of fusion field length by 36-42 percents, deterioration of binocular visual acuity and stereo acuity were noted in presbyopes. Correlation analysis revealed that the parameter " fusion field width" has a large number of correlations in young people. In presbyopes these correlations are destroyed partially, but a large number of correlations, which point out the domination of monocular visual system in common process of visual perception, appear. Discriminant analysis revealed that indices such fusion borders in convergence, binocular accommodation, binocular visual acuity have informational relevance for division of patients into 2 groups. A number of potential procedures may mimic the binocular dissociation while other surgical options may potentially enhance binocular interaction.


Formation of presbyopia is accompanied by marked reorganization of the whole visual system including binocular synthesis. Identified phenomenon of binocular suppression plays important role in presbyopia formation. Evaluation of effects on binocular suppression may be of clinical significance when considering surgical options and should be considered in choice of method of presbyopia optical correction. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: ... research is funded, fully or partially, by a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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