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Acryof Cachet intraocular lens for correction of moderate to high myopia: one year preliminary results in multicenter study

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First Author: K.Vodickova CZECH REPUBLIC

Co Author(s):    O. Vlasak   V. Kalandrova   R. Piovarci   E. Konusiakova   V. Farkasova   M. Zahorcova

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To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an angle-supported phakic intraocular lens (pIOL) Acrysof Cachet for correction of moderate to high myopia.


Czech and Slovak sister ophthalmology centers- Neovize Eye Clinic Brno, Duovize Eye Clinic Prague, Neovizia Eye Clinic Bratislava


A prospective database of 26 patients that underwent implantation of the AcrySof Cachet pIOL recorded demographic details on age, gender, amount of myopia, keratometry, pachymetry, anterior chamber depth (ACD) and endothelial cells density (ECD). Outcomes were evaluated in terms of uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA), best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), preoperative SE (preop SE), postoperative SE (postop SE) and complications occurence. The postoperative follow-up was performed in 1 day, 1 week and 1,3, 6, 12 and 18 months. Due to non-compliance the follow-up was not completed by all the patients


Preliminary data from 26 patients (52 eyes) assessed for up to 1 year postoperatively are presented. The mean age of the surgery was 28,16 ±5,21 years. The surgery was performed in 7 men and 19 women. Average value of implanted Acrysof Cachet lenses was -10,98D ±2,21 D. Average values of preoperative refractive error were -10,04 D ±2,48 D in sphere, -1,53 D ±0,91D in cylinder, the spherical equivalent was -10,74 D ±2,45D. Mean preoperative ECD was 2881,96 ±357,29, mean ACD was 3,67 ±0,21 mm, the mean keratometry 44,66 ±1,54 D, mean pachymetry 535,76 ±20,54 microns and the mean axial lenght (AL) was 26,69 ±0,97mm. In one month postoperatively the mean postop UCVA was 0,95 ±0,31, mean sph -0,21 ±0,68 D and mean cyl -1,19 ±0,97 D. In one year postoperatively the mean UCVA was 0,91 ±0,25, mean sph -0,24 ±0,72 D and mean cyl -1,29 ±0,84 D. The mean ECD in one year was 2798,77 ±333, 89. Until now we have had 1 case of pupil ovalization and 2 cases of temporary higher intraocular pressure due to corticosteroid postoperative medication.


One-year preliminary results from our multricenter study showed that Acrysof Cachet provided very good refractive correction, predictability and acceptable safety in our patients with moderate and high myopia. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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