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Images of visual perceptions experienced during cataract surgery projected onto retinal surface of model eye

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First Author: M.Inoue JAPAN

Co Author(s):    K. Shinoda   T. Noda   K. Ohnuma   H. Bissen Miyajima   A. Hirakata  

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Visual perceptions have been experienced by patients during cataract surgery but the origin of these visualizations has not been definitively determined. The aim of this study was to recreate the images reported by patients during cataract surgery in a model eye.


Kyorin Eye Center, Tokyo, Japan


A fluid-filled model eye with a posterior frosted translucent surface which corresponded to the retina was used. An artificial cataract silicone lens injected with white dye, an intraocular lens (IOL), or an irrigation/aspiration (I/A) tip was inserted in the model eye. The images projected on the retinal surface were recorded from the posterior side of the model eye and the images from the surgical microscope were recorded concurrently.


The images through the cataract lens or IOL were observed as a bright light from the surgical microscope. When the I/A tip and the IOL were inserted, the images of the I/A tip, water-stream of irrigating solution from the I/A tip, and haptics and optics of the IOL were recognized. The images from the posterior side were mirror images of those seen through the surgical microscope. However after the IOL was inserted, the only visible image was the light from the microscope. When the microscope light was turned off, the images of the microscope and outside view were observed.


The patientÂ’s visual perceptions during cataract surgery may be accurately reproduced with the model eye. Images of the objects in the anterior chamber can be projected on the retina even without optics. The light from the microscope may hamper visualization of the images of instruments during cataract surgery. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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