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Artisan aphakia solution for chronic ocular pain, iris atrophy and pupil ovalization

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First Author: J.Cazal SPAIN

Co Author(s):    C. Verges Roger              

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We report the case of Anterior Chamber Angle Supported Aphakic IOL causing Pupil Ovalization, Chronic Uveitis and ocular pain , to solve we exchanged it for an Iris Claw ARTISAN Aphakic IOL


Area Oftalmológica Avanzada, Barcelona.NO FINANTIAL INTEREST


Main Complaint: Left Eye with Chronic Ocular Pain, Past Ocular Hx: OU Facorefractive surgery in Switzerland 20 years ago OD Posterior Chamber IOL OS Anterior Chamber Angle Suported IOL, Pupil ovalization, Sectorial Iris Atrophy. Subjective Rx OD -2,25 sph-0.5cyl @ 120ŗ BCVA (0.8 -1) OS -0,5 sph-2.25cyl@ 90ŗ BCVA (0.8) Visual FIelds, AS OCT, Endothelial Cell count and AS Tomography were performed


18 moths follow up show OD -2. 00 sph BCVA (0.8 -1) O Plano -1,50 cyl @ 35ŗ BCVA ( 0.8) . Endothelial cell count 4% loss. Completely FREE OF PAIN , NO AC CHAMBER CELL REACTION


Iris Fixation Aphakic IOL is a safe and efective alternative to manage chronic Ocular pain and Iris atrophy secondarly to Oversized AC Angle Supported IOL FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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