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Process and product implementation of the femto-phaco laser

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First Author: M.Poelzl GERMANY

Co Author(s):    T. Herbst   J. F   D. Uthoff   D. Holland     

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The lecture wants to deliver insights into the process implementation of the Femto phaco machine (LensAr) into the overall clinical process structure. A second aim will be the description of the market introduction of the provided product " Femto-Phaco cataract surgery" for self-payment patients.


In Order to get in, we want to describe the implementation of the Femto-Phako laser into the clinical daily routine. We will describe the complete Femto-Phaco-adjusted patient path, which will be separated into a pre-, a peri- and a postoperative part. Each part will be described in detail and will be compared with the corresponding part of a conventional cataract patient. Based on these findings, we will emphasize the main differences and reasons for diverging from ordinary patient path of a " phaco patient" . A second subject will be the product introduction of the Femto-Phaco cataract surgery into the market of self-payments. In this context, we will shed some light on pricing, advertisement and public relations.


The lecture will be a description of the implemented process adjustments and process integrations, which have been taken place in connection with the introduction of the Femto-Phaco laser. Statistical methods will be used if necessary. With regard on pricing of the Femto-Phaco cataract surgery, we will conduct a meta-analysis of previous studies, which deal with pricing of medical self-payment attendances.


A detailed description of our results is not possible, because the implementation of the Femto Phako laser will take place on first of April. Consequentially, the introduction of the Femto-Phako laser did not take place so far.


The successful introduction and implementation of the Femto-Phaco laser into the clinical daily routine will be a huge challenge for every eye hospital. We want to describe our strategy of market introduction as well as our evidences concerning the process integration. The description of the latter will be separated into a pre-, a peri and a postoperative part, while the description of the market introduction will put the focus on pricing, advertisement and public relations. The lion’s share will be presented in a descriptive way, while statistical methods will be used if necessary. A meta-analysis concerning the current pricing of medical self-payment attendances will be implemented into the lecture as well. Results will be achieved from April on, because the introduction of the Femto-Phaco laser is planned for 1st of April. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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