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Coaxial microincision phacoemulsification after corneal transplantations and refractive surgery

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First Author: S.Kopaev RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    S. Kopayev   V. Kopayeva           

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Investigate the efficacy and safety of coaxial microincision cataract surgery (CO-MICS) after LASIK, photorefractive surgery (PRK), redial keratotomy (RK) and corneal transplanting.


The S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex - Federal Budget State Institution, Moscow, Russia


24 patients (32 eyes) were examined. They all underwent cataract extractions on Stellaris (B+L) phaco unit. Previously corneal surgery was performed 14±5 years ago. The patients were divided into three groups. The fist group included 9 patients (14 eyes) after LASIK and PRK, the second group - 10 patients (12 eyes) after RK, the third group - 5 patients (6 eyes) after penetrating corneal transplantation. Examination before and two months postoperatively: keratopachimetria, Visante OCT, endothelial cell loss, keratotopography were made. In all cases, cataract density was from the first up to the second degree. For CO-MICS we performed main scleral incision by Mani arcade 1.8 keratome. During the operation BSS level was less than 80cm. OVD combination Viscoat and Provisc was used.


The endothelial cell loss after CO - MICS in 1, 2 and 3 group was 5.21%, 4.98%, 9.24% to 1 month after CO-MICS surgery. Thickness of the cornea in the 1;2;3 groups was preoperatively: 405±40 mm; 557±45mm; 587±60mm. 1 month after surgery in 1, 2 and 3 group 427±25 mm.; 568±50mm; 612±55mm. Visante OCT investigations don't verify any scare rupture. Corneal topography has not changed mainly. Post-operative 1 month induced astigmatism was 0.37±0.15 D.


CO - MICS with scleral access Stellaris (B+L) after previous corneal surgery is the safety and effective way to remove cataracts, with 1-2 density. The use of scleral arcade incision 1mm from the limbus does not lead to corneal scarring breaks during surgery and does not cause the induced astigmatism. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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