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The effect of erythropoietin on the healing process of corneal epithelial erosions in rabbit

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First Author: I.Bahar ISRAEL

Co Author(s):    T. Livnat   M. Masoud   M. Yakimov   E. Livny     

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To examine the effect of Erythropoietin on the healing process of corneal epithelial erosions in rabbit eyes.


Ophthalmology Eye Lab, Felsenstein Institute, Rabin Medical Center


Uniform corneal epithelial erosions were performed on the right eye of 15 new-zealand albino rabbits using application of 35% alcohol for 50 Sec., followed by mechanical removal of the epithelium with a surgical blade. Rabbits were randomized into 3 groups: Group 1 eyes were treated locally with cellulose gel containing erythropoietin 4 times daily after epithelial erosions induction. Group 2 eyes were treated with the cellulose based gel, without erythropoietin, 4 times daily (control). Group 3 eyes were not treated (control). All rabbits were photographed with cobalt blue filter at time zero and three times daily then on, until complete re-epithelialization was achieved. The digital images of the fluorescein stained corneas at each time point were evaluated morphometrically by computerized digital image analyzer (Image J, NIH). At re-epithelialization corneas were removed for histologic processing. One-Way ANOVA and Mann-Whitney tests were used for statistical analysis


Mean time (±SD) to complete re-epithalization was 55 ±2.19 hours in group 1, 66.5 ±14.25 Hours in group 2 and 62.2 ±9.09 Hours in group 3 (p=0.16). No significant difference was found between the groups regarding the duration to complete re-epithelialization and regarding the rate of epithelial healing. Histologic evaluation of the rabbit corneas revealed stromal vascularization in 2 of the 6 erythropoietin treated rabbits and in none of the control groups.


Erythropoietin has no beneficial effect on the rate of the healing process of corneal epithelial erosions in rabbit eyes FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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