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Centration strategy via an asymetric offset in hyperopic LASIK treatments

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First Author: D.De Ortueta GERMANY

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To describe a method for centring ablation profiles considering pupil centre and corneal vertex information simultaneously.


AURELIOS Augenlaserzentrum Recklinghausen, Germany


The asymetric offset takes into consideration the pupil aperture by respecting the corneal vertex as the axis of ablation. This leads to a shift to the vertex of the cornea of the low order aberrations (manifest refraction correction) within the ablation map , whereas patientÂ’s high order aberrations (HOA) corrections keep linked to pupil centre. These aspheric ablation profiles consider the edges of the optical zone concentric to the pupil centre, whereas the axis of the ablation profiles is coincident with the corneal vertex. These ablation profiles seem asymmetric from both pupil and vertex references. This Asymmetric Centration Strategy can be used for any treatment type as Aspherical, Corneal Wavefront, or Ocular Wavefront.


Comparing the depth of ablation using the " classical" ablation profile and the depth using the asymetric Offset both are showing almost the same amount of tissue to be removed. The overall ablation volume are between the " classic" ablation without any offset and with offset. When combined with HOA, the ablation profiles with the aysmetric offset affect specific HOA terms. Using the asymetric offset the spheric components affect HOA coma components, and the astigmatic components affect HOA trefoil components.


The asymetric offset ablation profiles provide a simple method to combine pupil and corneal vertex information for ablation procedures in refractive surgery. This strategy brings the optical axis of the ablation lying on the vertex of the cornea and the edges of the optical zone being concentric to the pupil boundaries. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: ... receives consulting fees, retainer, or contract payments from a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented

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