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EYE Q score in Croatian glaucoma patients

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First Author: J.Salopek Rabatic CROATIA

Co Author(s):    M. Ekert   Z. Alpeza Dunato   J. Zolota   T. Czik   J. Pavan   L. Rabatic

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A 8-question true-false quiz (with prepared true answers at the end of the test) helps glaucoma patients to learn more about their disease when comparing individual to true answers. Ophthalmologists interpreting test are given insight on their patients knowledge and opportunity to teach them how to cope better with the disease, and improve compliance.


200 glaucoma patients (66M, 134F; median age 62,4 years (from 20 to 87)) in 2 glaucoma cabinets (Zagreb, Rijeka) and 3 ophthalmology practices (2 Zagreb, 1 Koprivnica) in Croatia were enrolled.


EYE Q quiz from was translated to Croatian. All 200 patients were anonymous to the monitor who collected data, but not to the ophthalmologist, in order to be given correct and individual interpretation of given answers to the questions after filling the quiz. Enrolling criteria was willingness to answer the test (informed consent), included were all patients with glaucoma disease that came for a regular eye control visit in 2,5 month period (1.12.2009. -15.2.2010.). Collected answers were analised through 2 categories: patients education (ordinary/ high school/ university) and duration of anti glaucoma therapy/disease in individual patient (0-6 months/6months-2 years/more than 2 years).


Majority were correct answers: 1. Glaucoma tends to run in families.( >95% true in all categories); 2. A person can have glaucoma and not know it (>95% true in all categories); 3. People over age 60 are more likely to get glaucoma(>75% patients true in all categories); 4. Eye pain is the most frequent symptom of glaucoma (only 24-50% of patients in all categories disagreed with the statement?); 5. Glaucoma progression can be stopped (100% newly diagnosed – group 0-6 months is the most optimistic); 6. Glaucoma is caused by increased eye pressure (64-78% patients in all categories agree?); 7. Vision lost from glaucoma can be restored (14-38% of patients are hopeful and agree with the false statement); 8. A complete glaucoma exam consists only of measuring eye pressure (26-35% of patients agree). With minority of patients with wrong answers, additional consultations were necessary.


Impact of intervention towards patient behavior/compliance and the disease progression will be seen in time. We hope it was successful and patients will persevere with their anti glaucoma treatment. Intervention to ophthalmologist/investigator behavior couldn't be avoided. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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