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Correlation of nuclear cataract lens density using Pentacam Scheimpflug images with lens opacities classification system III and visual function

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First Author: T.Chung SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    T. Kim   D. Lim   G. Bae   E. Chung     

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To calculate the average lens density (ALD) and nuclear lens density (NLD) using Scheimpflug images and to investigate the relationship between lens density and grading score using the Lens Opacities Classification System (LOCS III) as well as that between lens density and visual acuity in age-related nuclear cataract patients.


Retrospective study


Lens density and grading score were evaluated in 124 cases with age-related nuclear cataract. The BCVA was recorded using Snellen chart. The Scheimpflug images (Pentacam, Oculus, Germany) of the lens were obtained for each patient after dilation. All Scheimpflug images were exported to ImageJ software (NIH, Bethesda, MD) for analysis wherein the ALD and NLD (using a mask applied to the lens nuclear area) were calculated in pixel-intensity units. The correlations between ALD, NLD and LOCS III nuclear opalescence (NO) and nuclear color (NC) and that between ALD, NLD and BCVA were analysed. Repeatability was determined using coefficients of variation (CoV) and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). Lens opacity on slit-lamp images was graded using LOCS III for nuclear opalescence (NO) and nuclear color (NC).


The mean NO and NC scores were 3.21 and 3.20, respectively. Significant correlation were found between Pentacam nuclear density measurements and the LOC III NO and NC scores. The NLD had a stronger correlation with BCVA, NO, NC compared with ALD.


Repeatable 360° lens density measurements were obtained using Scheimpflug imaging. A stronger correlation was observed between NLD and LOCS III grading, BCVA than with ALD. The NLD is an objective and repeatable method for assessment of lens density, which could be helpful in longitudinal studies monitoring nuclear cataracts. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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